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Aquasana Shower Filter’s Mission

If you are interested in learning more about the Aquasana Shower Filter systems then you are in the right place. AquasanaShowerFilter.com’s mission is one and only one thing. To help you understand everything you could possibly want to know about the NSF certified AQ-4100 and AQ-4105 (with wand) shower filters.

Aquasana Shower Filters

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AquasanaShowerFilter.com has been an affiliate of Aquasana since 2007. Feel free to ask any questions through the about page. Both Aquasana shower filter models offer a 90 day guarantee. Additionally, they come with a guarantee of softer hair and skin in 1 week. The AQ-4100 system was actually the first shower filter to enter the market. The shower filter has won 3 Consumers Digest “Best Buy” awards, a “Product of the Year” honor and improved with more than 7 patents in over a decade. It is widely considered the best shower filter by consumers and industry experts because it simply outdoes competitors when it comes to performance, price and quality. The cost of the Aquasana Shower Filter is only about 25¢ per day. Because Aquasana’s shower filters reduce the levels of chlorine and other harmful and even cancer-causing chemicals in your water, benefits may include younger looking skin; reduction or elimination of skin problems like dandruff, eczema and psoriasis; improvement of respiratory conditions like asthma; dryer hair and softer skin, and less eye irritation including bloodshot eyes. You can be sure you are getting the lowest prices online when you shop at Aquasana Shower Filter because we offer the latest factory direct pricing. My name is David Thimme and I have personally used the AQ-4105 every day for several years. I believe the Aquasana Shower Filter can make a huge impact in your life (if you use a shower) and you really have nothing to lose by trying it.

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* Voted Consumers Digest Magazine’s “Best Buy” 5 Straight Years (2003-2008)

* 2010 “Healthiest Product” by Health Magazine?



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